Welcome to my wildlife carving site.  I have 100% original wood carvings for sale, including, but not limited to waterfowls, songbirds, and butterflies.  I carve full-size, half-size and miniature decoys 

I began carving waterfowl decoys in 1983 and won numerous ribbons in International Competition at Davenport, Iowa.  I was named "Carver of the Year" in competition sponsored by Ducks Unlimited in 1986.

While competing at the Ward World Championship Competition held at Ocean City, Maryland, I placed 2nd in species at the professional level between 1994 and 2002.

In 1999, I competed at the Northern Nationals in Minneapolis, Minnesota, placing 1st in species with an Oldsquaw Hen.  I also won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons in 2002 at ODCCA Competition in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Basswood and tupelo are the two types of wood I use for my carvings.  For some of my full-size decoys, I make clay sculptures to begin and I also use taxidermy mounts and study skins for reference material.  I design and make my own habitat scenes from wood-epoxy or metal.
I paint my carvings with acrylics and oils.

My work speaks for itself.  All my business comes from word of mouth, and I've never had to do any advertising.  By paying extra close attention to detail, all of my carvings end up looking lifelike and will be great decorative items for your home or office.

Wildlife  Carvings
If interested in a particular carving, email decoy283@yahoo.com or phone 618-262-8975
I also do commission carvings.  I will answer questions about ordering, payment or shipping of my hand carved decoys.
Hand Carved Decoys
Wood carvings For Sale
Wood Carvings For Sale
Hand Carved Decoys
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Waterfowl Decoy
Wood Carvings For Sale
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