Name Inlaid in case
Pistol-Powder Flask -Powder Horn all 1/2 size
This case and gun display was carved in 1991.It is 1/2 scale and the only one I carved this size. I also carved a fullsize display .
Walnut Pistol with oak Inlays hammer moves
Walnut Powder Flask lever moves on top
Walnut and basswood Powder Horn
Walnut-Rifle with Oak Inlays and Oak ferrules  holding Ramrod-Moveable  Hammer.  Rifle is 30 inches long.
Walnut Rifle all guns come apart.
3 minature  Mallards back view
3 Minature Mallards
Walnut base 3 Minature Flying Mallards
Minature Flying Blackduck with base
Walnut base single flying Minature  Mallard
Black Swallowtail
single Flying Minature Mallard drake
Zebra Swallowtail
back view Minature Flying Blackduck
Miniature Flying Mallard back view
This is the fullsize gun display
bottom of handgrip pistol
back side of fullsize  pistols
rightside fullsize rifle the back site moves up and down also the hammer moves.
left side fullsize rifle carved from walnut all the inlays are oak. This  is a  replica of 50 caliber black powder rifle.
fullsize  rifle apart
fullsize-knife-powder horn-powder flask
left and right hand fullsize  pistols
one fullsize  pistol disassembled
Feather Pins Carved of basswood
The full-sized replica of the 50 cal. Blackpowder Hawkin Rifle,Powder Flask, pair of Blackpowder Pistols and the Bowie Knife are carved from walnut and  inlaid with basswood. This is the only set I carved of this size. All of the hammers move on the guns and each of the guns come apart.  In addition, the back sight on the rifle moves up and down.
In addition to waterfowl decoys, I also have other wood carvings for sale, including rifles, butterflies, and songbirds.

The butterflies, flowers and miniature
flying ducks are carved from basswood
and painted with oils.

The  feather pins are carved from basswood and painted in acrylics.

The bases for the miniature flying ducks are walnut and the base for the miniature flying Blackduck has miniature leaves carved around it.

The 1/2 size replica of the 50 cal. rifle set is scaled down from the actual set of guns. They are also carved of walnut, inlaid with basswood.
walnut base minature flying blackduck

Wood Carvings for Sale from Robert Wright

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The ultimate goal for all the wood carvings seen here is to appear lifelike.  The hard work, time, and detail that goes into both painting and carving should cause people to think that the carving is in fact a real waterfowl, bird or gun. 
Blackduck Drake feather
Blackduck Drake feather with glass cover
Bluewinged Teal Drake Feather
Bluewinged Teal Feather with plex-glass cover
Greenwinged Teal Drake Feather
Widgeon Drake Feather
Woodduck Hen Feather
  The feather carvings are lifesize duck
feathers carved from basswood or
tupelo. Carved very thin and textured
top and bottom. Then painted with oil
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Turkey Tail Feather 14 '' tall by 2 1/2 '' wide
Blue Macaw
Diana male Brown Female Gold
Monarch on metal fall leaf
Pipevine Butterfly on wood leaf
Black Swallowtail Yellow Swallowtailon Red Morning Glory
Hummingbird and Monarch Butterfly on Blue Morning Glory
Zebra Swallowtail on metal leaves
Red Admiral Butterfly
Morning Glory 3 Hummingbirds and Zebra Swallowtail
Yellow Swallowtail 2
Phesant tail feather
carved turkey tail feather Walnutwood shadowbox
Turkey tail feather in Cherry shadowbox
Basswood Turkey wing feather