Blackcapped Chickadee..1
Blackcapped Chickadee..2
Blackcapped Chickadee..3
Bluejay & Robin
Cardinal & Nuthatch
Goldfinch Pair
House Wren
Indigo Bunting..1
Indigo Bunting..2
Barn Swallow & Wren
Male Bluebird
Bluebird & Wren Pairs
Morning Gathering
The Gathering
Stellar Jay
Western Tanager
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Top View Purple Martin closed bill
bottom view purple martin closed bill
Purple Martin House 1
top view purple martin open bill
Humming Bird  Pink Morning Glory

  I have been carving decoys since January of 1983 and in 1998 I decided to carve songbirds after feeding and observing many species in my yard.
  My songbirds are carved from basswood and are finely detailed and painted with oils.
  The bases or habitat scenes are made of differ-ent types of wood or made of epoxy and then carved.
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           Carvings by                                Robert Wright
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Robin on wildcherry 1
Robin on wildcherry 2
Sparow 1
sparow 2
Baltimore Oriole
Minature Bluebirds
Minature Robin and Jay
3 minature cardinals
Minature Baltimore Orioles
Minature Robins
Goldfinch on Basswood Leaf
Blackcapped Chickadee  on fall leaf Basswood
Goldfinch carved base
Indigo Bunting on carved base pic 1
Indigo bunting in case pic 2
Indigo Bunting on Morning Glory
Chickadee & Indgo Bunting on Red Morning Glory
chickadee on Red Morning
Indigo bunting on Red Morning Glory